Product Engineering

Take your dream from idea to actualization

At Upen Group, we specialize in providing cutting-edge product engineering solutions that drive innovation and growth for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to help you transform your ideas into successful products, optimize existing offerings, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving market landscape.


Hardware Engineering

At Upen Group, we employ analysis, modeling, and simulation to develop reliable, cost-efficient, and high-quality products, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our diverse product engineering team possesses expertise in crafting both consumer-grade and mission-critical embedded hardware.

Embedded Engineering

Our Embedded Engineering services cater to various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial automation, IoT, and more.

Let our Embedded Engineering expertise take your projects to new heights of performance and innovation. Stay ahead of the competition with reliable and cutting-edge embedded solutions.

Why Choose Us

With extensive experience in the VLSI domain, we stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends & advancements in semiconductor technology.

We understand the uniqueness of each project, offering tailored VLSI services to meet your specific requirements, from chip design to verification and more.

We help you design, develop, test & produce various hardware components such as processors, memory, motherboards, chips, and more. Right from scratch.

We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and tools, allowing us to deliver innovative and efficient embedded solutions.

Our VLSI Services

Chip Design, Verification and Validation, FPGA Design

Tailored solutions aligning with your application's needs, delivering high-performance and power-efficient designs. Advanced methodologies for reliable chip designs, reducing time-to-market and minimizing errors. Accelerate prototyping and testing with our FPGA design services, evaluating designs before costly fabrication.

ASIC Design, IP Core Development, Design for Testability (DFT)

Streamline production with tailored ASIC development from concept to manufacturing. Leverage our vast IP library or request custom IP for your projects. Equipping your chips with built-in test features for efficient production testing.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and System-on-Chip (SoC) Design

Optimizing chip designs for seamless manufacturability and high yield. Consolidate functionalities into a single chip with our SoC design services.

Our Embedded Services

Firmware and Embedded Software Development

Our experts excel in developing robust and efficient firmware for a wide range of microcontrollers and processors, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our software development expertise covers a wide array of applications, from real-time operating systems (RTOS) to device drivers and communication protocols.

Hardware Design and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

We specialize in designing custom hardware solutions, including schematic design, PCB layout, component selection, and signal integrity analysis.Harness the power of IoT with our specialized embedded solutions, enabling seamless connectivity and data exchange for your smart devices.

Prototyping and Testing and Product Integration

We provide rapid prototyping services to validate your embedded systems, ensuring they meet your requirements before moving to full-scale production.Our team can seamlessly integrate embedded systems into your existing products or assist in creating brand new product lines.


Product engineering is the process of designing, developing, and bringing innovative products to market. It involves the entire product lifecycle, from concept and design to development, testing, manufacturing, and post-launch support.

Embedded engineers work closely with software developers to ensure hardware and software components interact seamlessly in embedded systems.

Product engineering helps businesses create competitive and innovative products that meet customer needs. It ensures efficient development processes, reduced time-to-market, and improved product quality.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial automation heavily depend on these fields.