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Upen Group is a digital transformation and full-cycle software product engineering services company headquartered in Dallas TX. Upen Group powers the digital next initiatives of global enterprises and software product companies with an integrated expertise in devices and embedded engineering, software apps and product engineering, cloud, analytics, DevOps, data, security and quality engineering.

Our Story

Group of passionate and innovative individuals came together with a shared vision. They believed that technology was rapidly transforming the business landscape, and there was a growing need for skilled IT professionals to drive this transformation. With this vision in mind, they founded an IT staffing company called Upen Group.

Recognizing the significant expansion of India’s global captive market fueled by its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and favorable business ecosystem, the founders established ZAP AI Software Systems as a subsidiary under Upen Group Inc.

Our Journey


Upen Group Inc, Texas, United States



IT Consulting Business

Services: Product development services



Verticals: Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive



Verticals : Semiconductor Industry

Services: Data Engineering, Microsoft Dynamics and VLSI



Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive



Locations added: Canada and Mexico 



Industry- Aerospace & Defense and Mechanical Engineering


Our Core Values

Innovation and Creativity

Accountability and Commitment

Customer-Centric Approach

Collaboration and Teamwork

Integrity and Ethics

Passion for Impact

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"Upen Group was the ideal technology partner for our startup. Their innovative approach and agile methodologies helped us launch our product ahead of schedule. They were responsive and adapted to our evolving needs, resulting in a reliable and scalable platform driving our growth."

Matthew Haslet

Director Analytics

"Upen Group enabled our digital progress with their AI and ML expertise, offering personalized attention and unlocking new opportunities. Thanks to them, we're on the cutting edge of our field."

Vikram Aradhya

Manager - Digital Transformation

"Upen Group has revolutionized our business with their cutting-edge solutions and exceptional team. They've increased our efficiency and productivity while providing outstanding customer support. Highly recommended for any organization looking to stay ahead in today's market."

Heath Ledger

Vice President -Technology Services